Pink Tax Facts
The Pink Tax - Gender Price Discrimination

....because it costs more to be a woman


CNN Money: Pink Tax Angers Women from New York to London

Retailers are forced to explain why are women paying more for the same products after study finds women are paying thousands of dollars more over the course of their lives.

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CBS News: CBS News Goes Undercover to Reveal Gender Price Discrimination

CBS News highlights price discrimination based on gender..noting that California outlawed it in 1996 after a statewide study found a "gender tax" cost each woman approximately $1,351 more annually.

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The Guardian: Higher expenses for women add insult to gender pay gap injury

The Guardian reports that higher expenses for women add insult to gender pay gap injury. Maybe it’s time for women to demand not just pay equality but equity.

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Forbes: Which Retailers Charge the Largest Pink Tax?

Forbes asks which retailers charge the largest pink tax. A key concern is assessing whether the higher prices for female products are justified by differentially higher costs.

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Yahoo! Finance: Gender-Based Pricing and Why it Costs More to be a Woman

Michael Cone, a trade lawyer who’s been fighting gender price discrimination for two decades, talks to Yahoo! Finance about the Pink Tax.

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The Huffington Post: "The Woman Tax" and Surprising Reason Why Women Pay More Than $1,300 a Year

The Huffington Post interviews Michael T. Cone, trade attorney, who explains these costs and how woman can opt out of the "woman tax".

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