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What is the Tampon Tax?

The Tampon Tax is a species of the Pink Tax that involves governmental taxation of feminine hygiene products. In its more objectionable form involving patent gender discrimination, some U.S. states exempted male-oriented medical care products like Rogaine (which fights male baldness) from state sales taxes, while not exempting feminine hygiene products.

Tampon Tax protesters also believe that feminine hygiene products should be exempt from taxation regardless of whether any products designed exclusively for males are exempt.  In 2015, Canada signed on to this view and exempted feminine hygiene products from federal taxation in that country.  Pink.Taxthinks that states across the nation and the U.S. federal government should follow suit.

Marie Claire: The Current State of the Tampon Tax

Find out which states charge tax on feminine hygiene products

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35 States in the U.S. Still Charge Women a Tampon Tax

Women are charged a sales tax when they buy feminine hygiene products in 70% of states across the country.

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INDEPENDENT - Scotland the first country out of the gate to provide free sanitary products to low income women

The Scottish Government will hand out free sanitary products to those in need in as part of a pilot project in Aberdeen.

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LA Times - Consumers in California will still pay sales taxes on tampons

Governer Jerry Brown vetoes the Tampon (and Diaper) Tax bill because it would have raised taxes on liquor go figure!

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National Post - No taxes on sanitary napkins and tampons in Canada

Online petition called “No Tax on Tampons” having almost 75,000 supporters. Effective July 1, 2015, Canada Government removed GST and HST taxes on sanitary napkins and tampons.

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NPR - Pink Tax Issues Addressed by State Lawmakers throughout the US

Various Pink Tax issues addressed by state lawmakers throughout the country. Sales tax isn't applied to Viagra in Wisconsin, but it is applied to tampons and pads...

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HuffPost - GOP Governor Brings Illinois Into The 21st Century by Nixing Antiquated Tampon Tax

Illinois nixes the tampon tax after more than 30 years of competitive ping pong between its legislature and the Supreme Court.

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WASHINGTON POST - The Tampon Tax - Explained

in 2016, Washington Port asks, “Which states tax your period”? - Answer: Fewer today thanks to the popular uprising against it.

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