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My name is Michael Cone and I launched  on March 8, 2016 to coincide with International Women's Day when I appeared on CNN to inveigh against the Pink Tax. On that special day, this website also made the first public call for nationwide legislation prohibiting gender-based pricing in services such as haircuts and drycleaning.  

I come to my Pink Tax project honestly. I am a trade lawyer by profession, which means I help businesses engage in domestic and international commerce involving physical merchandise.  A lot of that merchandise consists of consumer products - things like bicycles, clothing, and children's toys.  


  • Jan 24 2020

    Talk Wealth to Me, (2020, January 24). End the pink tax. Period. Podcast.

    In depth interview with the world's thought leader regarding the Pink Tax...Michael Cone #PinkTax

  • Feb 18 2019

    KCTV - Pink tax: Why do women pay more for goods and services?

    The spread of "Pink Tax" awareness seeps into to the midwest

  • Aug 24 2018

    Los Angeles Times - Many women’s toiletries do cost more than men’s — and their mortgages might too.

    Gender price discrimination exposed in more and more industries

  • Mar 27 2017

    USA Today - “Pink Tax” forces women to pay more than men.

    USA Today reports on women's unequality.

  • Jul 01 2016

    Retail Dive - California lawmaker withdraws bill to end “pink tax” retail pricing disparity.

    Michael Cone explains some of the challenges lawmakers face when considering gender price discrimination

  • Mar 23 2016

    Why Fashion’s “Pink Tax” Means Women Pay More.

    Gender price discrimination awareness gains momentum in the UK.

  • Mar 07 2016

    CNN Money - Why women pay more than men for the same stuff

    Michael Cone interview with CNN Money.

  • Jan 25 2016

    CBS Morning News - CBS News goes undercover to reveal gender price discrimination.

    Michael Cone is interviewed by CBS News! The fight to bring awareness to gender price discrimination has gained national recognition.

  • Dec 18 2015

    From cradle to cane: the cost of being a female consumer.

    New York City Department of Consumer Affairs performs study on gender pricing #genderpricing

  • Nov 25 2015

    WINK-TV - Part One: Hidden tax on women’s services.

    Michael Cone interview continues to contribute to the forward momentum of equal taxation.

  • Nov 24 2015

    WINK-TV - Part One: Hidden tax on women’s products.

    Michael Cone interview continues to spread awareness of unequal taxation based on gender.

  • May 06 2015

    SMU Daily Campus - It costs more to be a woman: Gender price discrimination in Dallas.

    MIchael Cone's fight to bring awareness of gender price discrimination reaches Dallas

  • Apr 22 2015

    MIC - The secret tax screwing women out of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

    MIchael Cone is interviewed by MIC

  • Apr 14 2015

    Yahoo! Finance: Australian women are paying more for the same products, and there's no law against it

    Gender based pricing discrimination awareness continues to spread throughout the globe.

  • Jan 12 2015

    Yahoo Finance - Gender-based pricing: why it costs more to be a woman.

    Michael Cone is interviewed by Yahoo News.

  • Oct 19 2014

    Associated Press - Hinnant, L. (2014, November 19). Are women overcharged? France probes price of pink.

    Michael Cone's gender taxation study inspires international interest

  • Mar 15 2012


    From dry cleaning to haircuts, women often pay more than men due to gender pricing. Find out why you may be paying more, but receiving less.

  • Mar 15 2012

    MFORBES - The “woman tax': how gendered pricing costs women almost $1,400 a year.

    Michael Cone, who was sifting through the list of tariffs and noticed something incredible: The tariffs differed across gender lines.

  • Jun 29 2011

    The Good Men Project - How Gender Gets Stopped at the Border

    Michael Cone is fighting for equality in the U.S. tariff system.

  • Apr 28 2007

    New York Times - Barbaro, M. (2007, April 28). In apparel, all tariffs aren’t created equal.

    Uncle Sam wants to know what's in your pants before deciding how much import taxes to assess on your shoes and clothes (2007 front page New York Times article)

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