Pink Tax Facts
Gender-Based Customs Duties


US News & World Report: The Pink Tax and Why Women's Products Often Cost More

US News & World Report reviews the Pink Tax and why the "shrink it and pink it" approach means women could pay more for less product.

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Today Money: Women Pay More Than Men

Today reporter goes shopping for such products as shaving gel, shampoo, deodorant and visited a dry cleaner to compare prices for women versus men.

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Yahoo! Finance: Gender-Based Pricing and Why it Costs More to be a Woman

Michael Cone, a trade lawyer who’s been fighting gender price discrimination for two decades, talks to Yahoo! Finance about the Pink Tax.

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New York Times - In Apparel, All Tariffs Aren’t Created Equal (2007)

Uncle Sam wants to know what's in your pants before deciding how much import taxes to assess on your shoes and clothes (2007 front page New York Times article)

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